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Bloesem Irene Hoofs

Irene Hoofs


Irene created Bloesem blogs in December 2006. Leaving her hometown Amsterdam for the first time in 1997, she has enjoyed roaming the globe making stop overs in London, New York, Toronto and Kuala Lumpur. A banker turned graphic designer, she sold her work through BARNEYS NY and Selfridges&Co. Irene lives online but on quieter days you will find her behind her weaving machine, experimenting with crafts or making jewellery. She has a passion for designs from the “old days” as her eldest puts it. When it comes to vintage finds, friends refer to Irene as the gatherer. Today she lives in Singapore with her husband Rik and their two sons, Lode and Kiet.


Zara Salahuddin


Zara is a passionate instagrammer and graduate from NUS Division of Industrial Design in Singapore. After spending too much of her time in university on youtube and reading blogs, she found her true passion in social media. She spends her days in the Bloesem studio writing, styling and creating content for the Bloesem blogs. Her other interests include photography and creating DIY craft projects. Her latest venture is S.A.L.U, a collection of handmade necklaces.


Chong Mei Kwee

Project Manager

Mei Kwee is in charge of all things Bloesem Class related. Staying on top of the DIY trends, reaching out to creatives overseas, liaising with teachers and students, spreading the word about classes, Mei’s the girl for the job! On a typical day in the Bloesem studio, you can also find her creating content for Bloesem’s social media platforms, maintaining Bloesem’s online shop, helping out with styling projects and managing other “special events”. Her others interests include food styling and creating handmade soy candles for her etsy shop.

Workshops for the creative and entrepreneurial community. From screen printing to social media bootcamps and calligraphy, Bloesem Classes invites creative thought leaders from all over the world to our Studio in Singapore to host master classes.

The Bloesem Gazette is a quarterly publication dedicated to “all things beautiful”, where we write about our own ideas, design trends, innovations in our industry or a special theme.

Bloesem Design covers everything from our styling to product design endeavours. We are always ready to take on a new challenge whatever the medium might be and this extends to working with brands to meet their design needs.

Bloesem blogs are where Irene garners and shares ideas for design, leisurely pursuits, creating soul-soothing interiors, for the love of handmade, vintage appreciation, art of traveling as well as kids fashion and crafts.